Scholastic Excellence

Scholastic Excellence has been established since 2004 in providing exam-focused coaching for the NAPLAN, GATE and ATAR/ WACE in Western Australia only. WACE stands for Western Australia Certificate of Education. ATAR is a mark given to the students based on their best 4 subjects taken in the WACE. Each Australia state has different exams but we only focus on the WA market.

Courses offered

Students who come to us are from Year 3 (8 years old) to Year 12 (18 years old). Most of them come to us for weekly classes in the term. We offer coaching in Maths and English for Year 3 to Year 9 and these two subjects cover the major exams, such as NAPLAN and GATE. Students in Year 10 onwards choose the subjects to study for their WACE and they prepare for them for Year 11 and 12. Scholastic Excellence offers coaching in Maths Applications, Maths Methods, Maths Specialist, Chemistry, Physics and English.

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